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Top 5 Reasons People Choose Us

Our Pricing Mechanism Works 

We base our pricing model for valuable research. We commit ourselves to charge sustainable prices, prices that our customers can pay quickly, is fair given the value of the work done, and can sustain our operations. 

We offer some of the lowest prices in our industry. Besides, our discounts and offers are incomparable.

High Customer Satisfaction Levels 

A majority of our previous customers are happy with our services. Some notable sentiments by past clients include those of John Moriarty and Natalia Golenkova. John heaps praise on our services, and he asserts that we are his go-to cleaning service provider. He commends our punctuality and the results we deliver. 

On her part, Natalia rates us as the leading laundry services in the New York City area. She notes our prices as some of the lowest she has come across. All these sentiments are in line with our vision of becoming a cleaning services provider that not only cares about its cleaning but also its people.


Our hiring staff seeks to find the best employees in the industry. We look for people with the right amount of experience for each post. 

This effort aims to ensure that our employees not only know the theoretical aspect but also possess firsthand experience in our line of work.


When it comes to cleaning and fixing items, it is of utmost importance that the job is done right. We know this requirement and seek to do it right the first time. Our cleaners clean with unparalleled devotion. They leave your laundry or home spotless and adhere to our strict code of conduct. 

They handle your items professionally, and you can trust them to leave everything the way they find them but clean. Our technicians are also reliable. They have the skills and experience to install or repair many items in a home.

Spare Your Time for Other College Activities

Given your busy college life, finding time for certain tasks can be difficult. We recognize this case and try to free up as much time as possible for you. We strictly follow the timelines we agree with you and even pick up and deliver your laundry for free. 

Reach out to us today and let us deliver clean laundry within 48 hours.

Life in college is full of many activities that college students ought to take part in. More often than not, college students lack time for tasks such as cleaning and handyman jobs. Wash and Fold Me is a company that seeks to help college students in these tasks.  We quickly wash, clean or do any handyman task you assign to us. This punctuality seeks to free up your time for other activities.

We are committed to reliably and affordably clean for college students and perform handyman tasks. Our commitment to customer service is incomparable, and we strive to be the best in all tasks undertaken by us. Our pricing is friendly for college students


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