Laundry Pick-Up/Delivery
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Laundry Pick Up and Delivery Services in the Bronx

Bronx Laundry Service for College Students

We pick up your dirty clothes, wash and fold them with care, and deliver to your home – freeing up time in your busy schedule.

As your schedule continues to be crammed with academic obligations, can’t-miss social events, and much-needed decompressing, each hour becomes more valuable. College, and life in general, places great demands on young people. Need some relief? Wash and Fold Me lifts the burden of dirty laundry. Cleaning clothes is simply a chore, not an activity that adds value to your academic or work career.

Thanks to our easy online ordering process, our wash-and-fold service is simple to arrange on your smartphone or tablet. We treat your clothing gently, never mix laundry, and carefully follow any special instructions you’d like to include with your order. Free pickup and delivery is included in our prices, and we deliver on time, every time, at a time that’s convenient for you.

No More Washing, Drying, and Waiting at a Laundromat

Convenient, reliable, affordable. With Wash and Fold Me, you not only gain precious hours, you also lose aggravation. No more scrounging for change or visiting laundromats with broken change machines. No more trekking to a laundromat with heavy mesh laundry bags and a backpack full of schoolwork. Do your studying in a more comfortable environment like your dorm, your apartment, or the library…and leave the laundering to us.

Our Laundry Pickup and Delivery Process

1. Choose your preferred time windows for pickup and delivery, and our screened drivers will collect your laundry at your requested address and deliver it to our clean and secure facility.

2. Include an estimated weight when you order. We will weigh your laundry once it arrives and notify you of any difference between your estimate and the actual weight.

3. We handle your laundry with care. Once we pick up your laundry, we strictly follow the care-tag instructions on each item, whether it’s dry-clean-only, hand-wash-only, or hang-to-dry-only. We will also sort your lights, darks, whites, and delicates before cleaning each group of items separately.

4. Your clean laundry will be returned to you folded and shrink-wrapped, within your requested delivery window.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Laundry Services

What kinds of items do you clean?

We offer laundry services for a wide array of items and accept clothing of all types, including jeans, sweaters, shirts, hoodies, jackets, delicates, even shoes. We also launder bed linens, comforters, blankets, wash cloths and towels, and shams.

What if I don’t have a laundry bag?

No worries. Just place your items in a trash bag, grocery bag, or box. We will sort your laundry before cleaning, and we will return your items neatly folded and shrink-wrapped.

How long will it take for my clothes to be returned to me?

We understand that you have a busy schedule. We’ll pick up and drop off your items for free at a time convenient to you. Our typical turnaround time is 24 hours.

Have more questions? We have answers! Visit our detailed FAQ for more information about our Bronx laundry and cleaning services.

No time for laundry? Leave it to the professionals. No detail is overlooked, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Make an appointment today and get back to the more pressing things in life.


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